About Installation Locations

Installation locations are provided to help you decide whether a particular fixture is appropriate for a particular location. Installing a fixture into a location where it is not intended to go is hazardous and could lead to potential damage of the fixture or property. Below is the information from the Underwriters Laboratories regarding their definitions of the three environments for lighting.

Dry Locations
Bedrooms, Kitchens, Dinning Rooms, Bathrooms without showers or tubs.

A luminaire intended for use in a location not normally subject to dampness, but may include a location subject to temporary dampness, as in the case of a building under construction, provided ventilation is adequate to prevent an accumulation of moisture is marked "DRY LOCATIONS ONLY."

Damp Locations
Bathrooms with showers or tubs, outside but protected from the elements.

Only luminaries marked "SUITABLE FOR DAMP LOCATIONS" or "SUITABLE FOR WET LOCATIONS" are intended to be installed in damp locations. A damp location is an exterior or interior location that is normally or periodically subject to condensation of moisture in, on, or adjacent to, electrical equipment, and includes partially protected locations.

Wet Locations
Any location indoors or outdoors

Only luminaries marked "SUITABLE FOR WET LOCATIONS" are intended to be installed in wet locations. A wet location is a location in which water or other liquids may drip, splash or flow on or against electrical equipment.

For more information about UL Listings visit www.ul.com.