Tie Your Game Room Together with Color

Game Room Style & Design

The man cave. The fan cave. The rec room. The rumpus room. Many homes have a designated entertainment area known in design shorthand as the “game room” that tends to constitute a broad mix of comfort and pleasure. And, more often than not, the board-game corner, the entertainment center, the toy area and table games are thrown together with no rhyme or reason.

Even though it’s a place for freewheeling fun, your game room can be on par with the rest of your home in terms of design and layout. Perhaps in your current situation it’s not uncommon to find the toy box behind the basement bar, but of course that’s merely an accident of circumstance.

It’s not a big deal. It’s a game room! And, in any event, you can draw any incongruity together with a little color coordination.

Color by Area/Activity

These color combos are often driven by the furniture in the space. Entertainment areas are easy to decorate in black to go along with the ubiquitous black entertainment center and matching leather couch. Add a black rug and coffee table to go full bachelor, or throw in some contrast with white to class it up a little.

Do you have a pool table or other game table with a top that’s not green? Match your bar stools to it to really make it pop and draw your game-room areas together, or match them with your other decor to make the gaming table the focus.

Sports Team Color Themes

This is a tried-and-true formula in any game room inhabited by a passionate sports fan. Cheer for more than one team? No problem – organize your color scheme in chunks to give each team its own space.

What makes this route even easier is the vast array of licensed gear you can snag to fill up your game room. Recliners, bar stools, game tables, wall clocks … there’s all kinds of bar and game furniture and other goodies you can use to put the perfect accent on a sports-themed color scheme.

Your Favorite Color

Last but certainly not least, let’s not forget about your favorite color! And, we’re guessing it’s probably not eggshell white or beige, like the rest of the walls in your home. That’s why you have a game room – so you can do fun things in it, and to it.

Your game room is where you can go crazy with your favorite color and if your guests don’t like it, well, maybe they need a lesson on how to have fun – which makes it a good thing you’ve got a colorful game room.

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