Soaking Tubs vs. Standard Tubs

What is a soaking tub?

A soaking tub is the Porsche of the bath fixture universe – curvy, beautiful, luxurious and more or less completely unnecessary.

Most of us would probably agree that when all of the factors are properly weighed a standard tub is going to trump a soaking tub pretty much any day of the week. They’re less expensive, more efficiently sized, usually come with a shower fixture and – best of all – you can still soak in them.

Given those facts, the real question is:

What is the point of a soaking tub?

Did we mention the Porsche analogy, because that about sums it up. Simply put, soaking tubs are sexy. You look at one and your brain inserts candlelight, rose petals and something jazzy on the hi-fi.

The dirty secret about soaking tubs, though, is that many people may not find them well-suited for soaking, especially after years of standard-tub freedom. Soaking tubs are usually shorter so that the soaker (soakee?) can lounge sitting up. No problem there – unless you want to stretch out and stay wet at the same time.

What’s not a secret is the price. Bathing like a 19th-century English aristocrat costs money. Affordable models are readily available, but those who decide to make a tub the centerpiece of their bathrooms often go all out with showpieces crafted of stone, copper and other natural materials.

So, what does a soaking tub offer besides hot looks? Well … they’re deep. You might not be able to lie down, but when the water comes up to your neck in a reclined position anyway it might not matter. Plus, it makes it easier to get more than one person into the tub, which could be good or bad depending on the situation …

We invite you to splash around ideas about your tub preferences and tell us why you think your bath design is the best.

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