What Size Accent Tables Do I Need?

Accent tables are a key element in just about every living room or family room, providing structure that complements seating with places to set everything from lamps and décor to a cup of coffee.

While most people know what style of accent tables they want, it can sometimes be difficult to know what size will work best in your space.

Picking The Right Size Accent Table

Proportions & Purpose

The primary factors in choosing the proper-sized accent tables are a) the purpose these pieces will serve and b) their proportion to the space.

End tables, for instance, come in sizes ranging from what amounts to a small pedestal all the way up to large side tables. If you just want a spot to set a mug or a book, something small will be fine; however, if you want space for a lamp, coasters, decorative accents or other items, you may want to opt for something a bit more substantial.

Be sure to think of the bigger picture and don’t choose an accent table that crowds your space or gets lost in it.

Coffee tables are anchoring pieces that should be proportional to the size of your sofa. A good guideline for scale is to choose a coffee table with a width that falls somewhere between half and three-quarters the length of your sofa. The best depth for the coffee table will depend on the size of the room; a coffee table four feet wide may seem enormous in a small sitting room, but should feel just right in a large living room.

Don’t Forget Height

Another size factor people sometimes overlook is an accent table’s height. The proper height is determined by its purpose as well as its size relative to other furniture in the room.

  • A coffee table should set an inch or two below the height of your sofa cushions.
  • An end table should set a bit higher to provide easy access over the arm of a chair or sofa, no lower than an inch or two below the armrests.
  • A sofa table or console table will likely be your tallest accent table and should come up nearly to the top of your couch back, but not peeking over it.

And that’s all there is to it! Follow these guidelines, and you’re sure to find accent tables in sizes that work with your furniture and complement your space.

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