Secrets to Choosing Sectional Sofas

When you’re looking at sectional sofas, you’re looking at making a big commitment in more ways than one: It’s not cheap home décor and even the most conservative sectional sofas take up a significant amount of space.

3 Rules To Choosing Sectional Sofas

So, you want to get it right the first time. And, it’s easier to make a mistake than you might think. Some people are great at this kind of thing, and other people buy furniture that literally won’t fit through the front door of the house. Speaking of …

Rule #1: Measure Twice, Buy Once

Sectional sofas come in all shapes and sizes, and some of those shapes and sizes include big, bigger and gargantuan. That’s why you need to do a little planning before you buy.

First, know the dimensions of your entry points and where you intend to put the sofa. How big are the doors? How big are the hallways? Taking it up or down some stairs? You may have to unscrew the bannisters …

Second, know the dimensions of the sectional sofa as well as how/if those sections come apart. If the sections separate, know the dimensions of those as well.

Rule #2: Left, Left – Left, Right, Left!

Sectional sofas may be right-facing, left-facing or reversible. The importance of this fact – and the importance of spatial awareness – can’t be overstated.

Imagine having a vision of how your sectional is going to look in your living room, let’s say; you have a picture of it in your mind as you shop, whether online or in the showroom. Then you spot what you think is the perfect sofa …

… but the thing is, your mind can play tricks on you, flipping what you see in real life to match the image in your brain. Don’t let it happen.

Rule #3: Leather vs. Fabric

We’ve dedicated an entire article on how to address this decision that you can read here, but it comes down to these factors: comfortableness, cost, durability, and style.

In summary, you’re going to have to rank how important these issues are to you. On balance, both leather and fabric sectional sofas are equal. They both offer particular benefits and have unique drawbacks. But, only one can be the clear winner when it comes to your personal taste.

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  1. You can buy sofas and chairs today in soft, regular or firm cushioning. This can make a huge difference in comfort and ability to get off/out of a chair/sofa. The older you are, the firmer you want the cushioning.

  2. Today you can buy chair/sofa cushioning in soft, regular or firm. This is a new option that can make a difference not only in comfort but in the ability to get out of a chair/off of a sofa!

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