Q&A With Brian Paquette

When it comes to design, Brian Paquette is leading the pack with his innovative designs and interiors. We love being neighbors with Brian here in Seattle, and were excited to sit down with him to talk about design, inspiration and how he plans to host The Mine pop-up at his store, Brian Paquette Interiors, June 23-25 (see below for details).

The Mine: What has served to inspire your latest designs?

Brian: Lately, I have tried to tune out everything. I have deleted social media, and have been working on being more present in the creative world in front of me, in real time. Nature, hiking, deep breaths. I have also jumped back into painting, for which I earned a BFA in college … it’s been very therapeutic to just paint and work though some ideas I have had; no expectations, just creating and seeing where it leads me.

The Mine: How has the Seattle scene inspired your design and creative spirit?

Brian: Seattle offers me a great balance between having the advantages of a city but also being able to escape all of that very easily into the beauty of the natural Pacific Northwest. 

The Mine: What are your go-to colors this season?

Brian: Hunter green, marigold, periwinkle and other colors that seem to come direct from nature.

The Mine: How do you go about shopping online?

Brian: I am an in-person shopper if at all possible, but in these times I am relying on online much more. I try to find in situ photos of pieces I am interested in to get a better sense of scale. I will use blue tape to place items in projects to see scale.

We’re thrilled to partner with Brian Paquette for The Mine’s pop-up shop – designed by Brian Paquette and furnished by The Mine. If you’re in the Seattle area and want to see Brian’s work, we welcome you to stop by Brian Paquette Interiors at 2407 E Union St. D, Seattle, WA 98122, on June 23-25. Hours are 9am-5pm Friday, and 11am-5pm on Saturday and Sunday.

Not in the Seattle area? Shop Brian’s pop up picks here!

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