Platforms vs. Box Springs

Truth be told, a box spring seems like one of the most ironic devices ever invented (springs that support other springs?) and it would serve a person well to question whether it’s even necessary when slats or a platform could be used in its place … but let’s look at what we know before we jump to conclusions.

Box Spring Facts

A “true” box spring, as opposed to the spring-filled plywood foundation some mattress hawkers try to pass off as a box spring, serves the purposes of a) supporting the mattress, b) elevating the bed and c) providing a uniformly flat surface for the mattress.

Ideally, the box spring is flexible enough to truly serve all three functions rather than simply elevating the bed, but even if it does – how much better is it than a platform setup?

Platform Facts

Unlike the box spring, a platform arrangement – which often comes in the form of a flat foundation or slats that lay across the frame – promises nothing more than to provide a flat and stable surface for the mattress. The funny thing is, though, that in this day and age of mattress technology that’s often the only thing you need.

Platforms also result in a lower profile, which can be a boon for people of smaller stature or who have limited bedroom space.

Box Spring vs. Platform Pros and Cons

Ultimately, the differences seem marginal. Platforms are a potential space-saver, but box springs really can provide additional support.

The one make-or-break difference may come on moving day. Slat-style platforms can be easily stacked up and carried away, whereas a box spring is about as bad as a mattress when it comes to navigating it through tight spaces.

So-Called Mattress Warranty “Requirements”

Many mattress retailers will tell you that a box spring is required or future warranty claims will be voided. That’s all well and good, but please keep two things in mind: 1) You may already have a box spring and 2) the box spring they’re trying to sell you may not even be a “true” box spring.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions to settle these matters before you go all in on a box spring when a platform may suit you better.

We hope this info helps you the next time you’re searching for the perfect support for your current or new mattress.

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