Neon Bungalow: A Dream Project for One New Homeowner

While purchasing a new home is one of the most joyful and exciting experiences I’ve had in my life thus far, it was also a bit overwhelming when it came to the interior. A dream project that I was so thankful to get to tackle free of all rules, but overwhelming, nonetheless. There are so many designers I admire, from Alexa Hampton to Kelly Wearstler and Eddie Ross to Justina Blakeney, so it’s no surprise that with that, I also admire so many different styles. With that, the ultimate question was which styles I wanted to use within the home. At least, that’s what I thought at first. But then I remembered, there is so much more to design. How do I want to use the space? What feelings do I want to feel when I’m at home? How do I want my guests to feel when they swing by, or are being entertained with one of the four meals I know how to make? What risks do I want to take?

boho living room

Throughout my journey, I found that I wanted to use three main colors in the home to maintain a cohesive feel throughout the home – hues of pink/salmon, white, and green. The goal with these colors was to make myself, and my guests, feel comfortable, inspired, and happy; a genuine feeling of joy when the entered the space. Pink is brought into the home primarily through Moroccan rugs & pillows, while green is brought in through plant life, paint, and wallpaper.

mint green kitchen

palm leaf wallpaper bedroom

One’s home is always a journey as it’s a way to refresh yourself and your journeys through life artistically in your safe place. Whether it’s swapping out your dining chairs, a rug, easy décor, or a brand new sofa. But what I can confidently say is I’ve reached a point where I’m as close to done as one can be. But don’t be fooled… the home is never really done, is it? The bathroom is already calling my name for its next big project. We’ll see how long I can ignore the whisper until I ultimately break!

boho bathroom

vintage dining room

Special thanks to my awesome place of work, The Mine, for carrying some of my absolute favorite pieces in my home, providing a one stop shop, where I’ve been able to not only purchase items, but also have them delivered, assembled, and installed. Now let me know what you think of the home, all! I hope you love it as much as I do. Be sure to shop my favorite finds from The Mine here!

Credits: All Photography by Ellie Lillstrom


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