Medicine Cabinet Madness!

Trends in contemporary design and the desire for flush bathroom mirrors have been a bit unkind to the medicine cabinet in recent years, which actually seems somewhat at odds with American culture’s growing trend of having more stuff to jam into them.

No, this isn’t a commentary on the hard stuff. There’s just more stuff: makeup, creams, ointments, pomades, perfumes, powders, potions and … toothpaste. So many different kinds of toothpaste! Who comes up with it, and where do they expect people to keep it?

Well, it all used to be kept in the medicine cabinet. Maybe that was the problem – too many people got tired of wondering whether their guests were snooping through them. The National Kitchen and Bath Association (yep, that’s real) recently reported that installation of medicine cabinets in remodels plummeted 36% in 2011. Insanity!

It’s only a matter of time before people without medicine cabinets start wondering where to put their toiletries. Under the sink is no good – too much bending over. Drawers are great, but how often do bathroom vanities have drawers? Okay, enough drawers?

If fear of snooping really is the problem, you should be warned that forgoing a medicine cabinet is not going to keep nosy Nellies from prying into places they don’t belong. Bathroom Snoopers are notoriously persistent. Not having a medicine cabinet is basically an open challenge for a Bathroom Snooper to root behind any closed door they can find.

Besides, medicine cabinets come in all kinds of styles these days. And, even if it does look like grandpa’s cabinet that doesn’t mean it contains the same things. Medicine cabinets don’t come automatically installed with Old Spice and hair tonic … unless you’re a no-nonsense lumberjack with a mustache that makes other men cry.

Nope, cabinet styles now range from traditional to ultra-modern. What’s ultra-modern (besides the very real medicine cabinet pictured above), you may ask? Well, there are medicine cabinets out there that will scan your pill bottles using RFID technology and place automatic orders when you’re running low.

That’s actually not a joke, but rumor has it that for some reason they still won’t tell you that you’re the fairest of them all – but they should.

The Mine has what the doctor ordered when it comes to medicine cabinets, and we hope you have fun snooping around.

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