Leather vs. Fabric Couches

Leather has long been synonymous with luxury and quality, but if you’re like most people you’ve probably asked yourself if a leather couch is really better than the fabric variety.

Naturally, it depends on your situation and sofa needs. If you’ve got kids and/or pets, a fabric sofa may win out just because it’s easier to repair – getting a hole poked in a leather sofa can be a pretty traumatizing experience. But, setting the possibility of perforation aside, which is better: leather or fabric?


Temperature and humidity are going to have a tremendous impact in this area. In a climate-controlled space the feel of soft, buttery leather has a great chance of taking the top prize, but if there’s any humidity at all leather is going to lose – especially if you’re wearing shorts.

Some fabrics can be scratchy and some leather can be too stiff, but when both materials are at their best it comes down to personal taste. Even so, given leather’s stickiness at warmer temps we’re giving the victory to fabric.

Winner: Fabric Couches


If we use “average” quality as a benchmark, a fabric couch is always going to be cheaper than a leather couch of the same age, size and condition. Anyone can find a deal if they look hard enough, but if we’re talking about two couches coming off the showroom floor that are rated similarly in every other way except for their materials, it’s very likely the fabric couch will be less expensive than the leather couch.

We’re going to give this one to fabric couches, but one would do well to keep durability in mind, since the longer a sofa lasts the further its average cost drops over time …

Winner: Fabric Couches


Good leather that is well-loved can literally last for hundreds of years, whereas fabric will eventually fade. Yes, leather can be punctured and that can be a nightmare, but it’s much easier to clean and maintain than fabric, especially if the upholstery is of a light color and isn’t treated with stain guard.

Besides, fabric can be ripped and punctured, too, and it’s really no picnic either way. Leather wins this round.

Winner: Leather Couches


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and that fact alone compels us to call this one a draw … but that feels like a cop out. Fabric comes in a lot of varieties, which is definitely a feather in its cap, but leather really is timeless. Plus, leather comes in enough shades to be versatile, and the look of high-quality cow is hard to ignore.

Finally, even though fabric is usually more of a bargain, getting a fabric couch that looks as sharp and luxurious as a leather one often requires spending more money. Leather takes honors here.

Winner: Leather Couches

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