Designers Share Their Favorite #minememories

What’s your first memory of a well-curated space? Maybe it’s of the kitchen in your first apartment, or the office of a job you loved – we can all recall those moments in part because of the good times we spent in those rooms.

When it comes to interior design, it’s not just about the décor; design allows us to express ourselves in ways that pay homage to the past while shaping the contours of future memories at the same time.

To celebrate the launch of The Mine, and to honor the inspiration behind the design, we met with top designers and influencers and asked them to share their favorite #minememories with us.

These individuals use inspiration from their childhood homes, visits to historical landmarks and stories of their ancestral pasts in their work, thereby giving a part of themselves to every project they design. Watch as each reveals their inspiration, and shares insight into how you can use The Mine to curate a space that honors your past while showcasing your unique style!

A 1000X Better

The team from A 1000X Better (Kirsten Blazek, Erica Reitman and Gillian Lawlee) sat down with us in Altadena, CA, at their latest project, the #MedMansion, to share their #minememories and design aesthetic! Listen as they describe how their Scottish and Irish roots helped inform their staging style, and how they discovered gorgeous #minefinds for the home:

Orlando Soria

Orlando Soria’s home is a direct reflection of his personality – bright and full of energy! So, what inspired this eclectic design style? When we sat down with him, he recalled trips to The Met with his mom and memories of his small hometown in Yosemite; two contrasting experiences that helped define his current style. Watch as he takes us through his styling tips and tricks, and talks about how he works with clients to design homes that inspire beautiful memories for years to come:

Whitney Leigh Morris

Styling 362 square feet of living space may seem daunting, but it’s all in a day’s work for Whitney Leigh Morris. She turned her “Tiny Canal Cottage” into a larger-than-life bohemian sanctuary by adding greenery and carefully styled storage elements throughout the snug little suite. The plants and floral elements are a nod to her childhood home on a wildlife preserve, and are displayed in both the interior and exterior. Take notes as Whitney walks us through her favorite #minememories in decorating her cozy cottage:

Accentuating your style and honoring past memories through design is the key to making your home a direct reflection of who you are. The Mine provides a winning combination of fine furnishings, exceptional service and fresh inspiration from top designers like these to make it that much easier for you to curate a look that’s uniquely yours.

Visit to start making your own #minememories and then share them with us on social media along with your favorite #minefinds today!

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