Decorative Plates 101

Decorative plates are a décor item that few people often think of, but these daring dishes can make a bold impact and offer a defining contribution to a room’s interior design.

The aesthetic appeal of decorative plates inspires a couple of well-warranted questions: “How did something normally so utilitarian come to be used as décor?” and “What types of decorative plates are out there?”

So! Here are our answers.

Decorative Plate History

To the first question – while plates were in use for a long time before they were thought of as art, they gained traction as an ornamental addition sometime in the 14th century when merchants first brought porcelain to Europe from China.

These delicate dishes became popular collectibles among European nobility for their novelty, rarity and beauty. And, once they came to be appreciated as art, an increasing number of plates were created for the express purpose of decoration.

Decorative Plate Types

Today, there are a few types of decorative plates to choose from – they may have a specific or general purpose, and can take any number of shapes.

One of the most functional designs is the charger plate. Chargers are the oversized decorative plates placed beneath dinner plates to add a pop of color or texture. They’re usually flat and broad, so they can provide a stable foundation for other dishes.

Charger plates can be great accents for any formal meal and come in a huge range of designs so you can perfectly customize the look of your table setting.

Other plates are designed as vessels to hold decorative objects or fruit. These may be a bit curved up on the edges, almost bordering on platter or bowl shapes.

Decorative Plate Uses

Of course, some decorative plates are purely for display. They come in as many varieties as you can imagine, and range in style that include meticulously hand-painted designs and elaborate art-glass collectibles. Masterpieces such as these are frequently mounted on walls or placed on stands to best display them.

While decorative plates might not be the perfect fit for every space, they are expressive, dimensional art pieces that can help personalize a home in a beautiful way.

So, the next time you’re searching for the perfect accent for a table or empty wall, don’t limit yourself to traditional runners or canvasses – explore your options with decorative plates!

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