#AskAlexa: How to Decorate Your Mantels for Christmas

We asked our Creative Director, Alexa Hampton, her pro tips on popular design topics. Follow our #AskAlexa series to get the inside scoop on what goes on behind her world-renowned designs!

Decorating Your Mantels for Christmas

Mantels are the modern-day altarpiece in the living room as they are usually the axial center of any space in which they sit.  While I generally like to place a painting or a mirror above a mantel, I’m going to surprise you by saying that I am not opposed to placing the TV there, as well.  The mantel is what everything is centered around in the room and a room’s form should follow its function.  If the living room isn’t comfortable, people will not use it. So, if a TV is what it takes to coax people into the living room, I say go for it. Also, who wants to crane their neck for hours at a time. The vast majority of husbands (not including my own, as he has no say in our furniture placement!) are very against having a TV located anywhere beyond right in front of them. So, call the cable company and locate the cable wire front and center. At best, it is useful; at worst, you can cover it with a hanging mirror.

Fireplace in Living Room

Since it’s the holidays, it’s also a good time to start thinking about portable fireplace and mantel holiday decor.  I like to think beyond the usual red and green or blue and silver and combine many metallic colors like silver and gold. Different metallic shades and tones will act like neutrals and they will not compete with your existing decorations.  I like to think about using garland in places aside from just on top of the mantel.  I will frame a mirror or a doorway in a garland, but I try to make sure they don’t look too goopy, as I am a tailored soul, by nature.  I should also say that I am a monochromatic light girl and not a huge fan of multi-colored lights. So, I recommend the uncolored variety of holiday lights for their wonderful ambient lighting that lends sophistication to the festivities.

Alexa Hampton is a world-renowned designer and owner of the iconic Manhattan-based Mark Hampton design firm, and is an invaluable resource for knowledge on design and the trending brands found at The Mine.

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