The Mine Exclusive: Arteriors New Upholstered Seating Collection

About Arteriors

Launched in 1987 with a focus on traditional accessories in classic materials, Arteriors has become a global leader in the home furnishing industry.  Operating in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia, and the Americas, Arteriors draws inspiration from all over the world to offer sophisticated artisan pieces in lighting, furniture, wall décor, and decorative accessories.

Why We Love Arteriors

Always ahead of the trend, Arteriors’ products never disappoint. I am constantly looking towards Arteriors to discover the latest trend and can always expect amazing inspiration from them. They offer the most unique products and their quality is top notch.  And now, with their new quick ship program, over 90% of their product is in stock and can ship within 72 hours!

New at Arteriors

Their newest Seating Collection is a perfect blend of modern elegance (with some mid-century vibes) and comfort. I’m super excited that The Mine is the only online retailer to be selling this exclusive new line!  Their new Seating Collection includes a variety of designs in all shapes and sizes offered in two incredible fabric options, and a third: muslin, to slipcover or upholster in the fabric of your choice. Personally, I love the frames in muslin; you can make-it-yours with your favorite fabric to create your own unique chair or sofa for a truly personalized design.

Arteriors is unique in that they redesign classic furniture using curves as an element to define emotion. Curves are common throughout their latest upholstered seating collection–but there’s more to the story than just beauty. The Arteriors blog describes it perfectly:

Curves are design component with a long history of serenity and opulence. “Curves create a feeling of comfort by mimicking the human body and nature’s organic forms,” according to Elaine Griffin, a New York-based designer and author of “Design Rules: The Insider’s Guide to Becoming Your Own Decorator” (Gotham, 2009)

According to researchers at Fast Co., the area of your brain involved with emotion, the anterior cingulate cortex area, showed significantly more activity in those subjects looking at curved designs vs. those looking at linear ones. Curved design literally speaks to your brain. What is your couch telling you?

If you’re looking for a couch or chair that speaks to you–take a look below for my favorite new products from their Seating Collection and shop the all Arteriors here!

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