(Almost) 5 Tips for Protecting White Rugs

To all but the most insanely fastidious, owning a white rug might seem like an invitation to heartache. Much like how a bird will fly five miles out of its way to crap on a black car, all the world’s dirt seems to be attracted to a white rug. Grime will grow legs if that’s what it takes to find and befoul a white rug. It’s white, folks. You can’t protect it! Or can you? Here are a few tricks to help keep your white (or light-colored) rug pure as the driven snow.

1. Carpet Protector Spray
Oh yeah, that’s a real thing. Much like upholstery protector, carpet protector can give your rug a force field that will help repel stains and give you some peace of mind (as long as you read the label before you spray). It’s not magical, though, and is actually better seen as a failsafe rather than a first line of defense. White rugs demand a more proactive attitude …

2. Stain-Resistant Fibers
This will be where you really win the war. Some fibers clean more easily than others and if you’re interested in light-colored floor coverings you want to take rug material into account. Polypropylene rugs are the most stain-resistant, followed by other synthetics like olefin, polyester and nylon. If you want a natural fabric with stain-repellant qualities, consider a rug made with wool.

3. Shoes Off!
If you don’t want to be the person enforcing the shoes-off rule, then you may not be the person who owns the spotless white rug. Sometimes sacrifices must be made in the name of cleanliness, especially when it’s raining outside.

4. Pet Considerations
We’d never suggest that you allow your rug to determine your choice in pets, but if you own a dark-haired animal you probably already know you’re courting disaster. It’s just not a healthy mix. But, if you do decide to pair these two together it may be helpful to use training aids or a pet fence to set some boundaries.

5. Kid Considerations
We got nothin’. Whatever it is you think you can do to keep that ice cream cone off of that rug … chances are your plan is woefully inadequate. Please refer to Tips #1 and #2 in your effort to thwart this rug threat.

The Mine hopes these tips keep the White Lightning fierce and fabulous underfoot.

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