5 Places to Hang String Lights Indoors

Christmas trees and garden parties – this comprises the beginning and end of the list for how to use string lights in most people’s décor playbook, but there are a lot of other places where string lights look great.

Sure, it depends on the kind of string lights you pick, but luckily for all of us they aren’t too pricey and there are plenty of styles, so we can have fun trying out different looks. But, where to put them?

1. String Lights on the Mantel

This is a great place to put string lights, whether you weave them in and out of your mantel décor or use them to frame the space. Either way, it’s a sharp look that you can take in a lot of different directions by switching up the bulb styles and colors.

2. String Lights Around/Behind Picture Frames

It’s true this works better with battery-powered string lights so there are no exposed cords, but it’s worth the extra effort (and battery power). You can even try colors that pair well with the frame or art for added punch.

3. String Lights Behind Furniture

Create a cool backlit glow behind your furniture by laying a strip of string lights on the floor. This works especially well for pieces with low profiles that conceal the lighting, like accent benches and storage trunks.

4. String Lights Under Your Bed

Yes! Not only is it a neat look, it’s also a very effective nightlight right where you need it – attached on the underside of the frame, at floor level, so you can see where you’re stepping. Choose cool blue or soft white colors to enhance the calming effect.

5. String Lights Under Your Kitchen Cabinets

It’s an easy, affordable way to get under-cabinet lighting without dealing with tricky installation.

Have fun trying these tricks – maybe they’ll give you even more ideas about how to use string lights year-round!

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