10 Ways to Refresh Your Home This Spring

Spring has officially sprung here in Seattle, and we’re excited – with a new season, comes new styles, colors and patterns. But spring also brings a sense starting anew, which means it’s also time to refresh and spruce up your space.

Whether you’re playing with pops of color, bringing in bold patterns or adding new accents, the options are endless! Here are our top 10 ways you can rearrange or refresh your home to give it a completely different feel for the new season:

1. Clean for Spring: First things first – it’s time for a little spring cleaning! Make a checklist of every item that needs a quick clean, from your countertops to your carpets and all your appliances, then take a day or two to clean out the place. It may seem tedious, but you’ll feel much better when your home is sparkling!

2. Organize It: After your home is all clean and ready for a refresh, start by decluttering and organizing any problem areas, like your closet. Get rid of any items you don’t use; if you haven’t used ‘em in six months, toss ‘em! Stow away those heavy winter clothes, and trade them out for warm-weather outfits.

Once your home is clean and organized, you’re ready to decorate for spring!

3. Create Pops of Color: Spring is the season of bright colors! Add in pops and accents around the home to brighten up your space. This year, Pantone has picked Greenery as its color choice for 2017. It’s bold and lively, and the perfect accent color to all neutrals.

4. Bring in Bold Patterns: A pop of color isn’t the only way to refresh the home – accessorize with bold patterns, too! Switch out your curtains for floral patterns or bring in a print with a new geometric rug.

5. Add Accent Pieces: Small accent pieces are the best way to bring bits of spring into the home! From vases to sculptures and patterned pillows, these pieces add energy to your home with a curated mix of sizes, shapes and styles.

6. Decorate with Seasonal Items: Spring means the best fruits are in season – they’re delicious to eat and make for simple, gorgeous decorations! Fill a glass bowl with your favorite seasonal fruit and keep it in your kitchen for a fun, fresh look.

7. Spruce Up Your Walls: If you’re looking for a bigger change, add color and pattern throughout your entire home. Make a more permanent change by painting your room, or texturize with a new pattern of wallpaper. A little change goes a long way, and switching up the wall color will make your home feel brand new.

8. Unpack the Outdoor Furniture: It’s time to dust off that patio furniture and bring out any items you put away for winter! Don’t forget to add in items that are made for summer, and to use fabrics like Textilene to keep mold and mildew away.

9. Grow Your Garden: The season is in full bloom and so are the outdoors! Whether you need to trim the trees or begin the process of growing a new garden, now is the time to start getting prepared for all the outdoor entertaining that’s ahead.

No matter what size backyard you have, you can make it come alive in the springtime! Start an herb garden, plant some new flowers or spruce it up with some succulents.

10. Bring the Outside In: Don’t just tend to the flowers outside; bring the greenery into your home! Adding fresh flowers and plants around the house is one of the best ways to liven up the home.

Don’t have a green thumb? Artificial flowers and plants are a great decorative addition that bring the season into your home – without all the upkeep.

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