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How to Get the Most From a Wall Hook

Frequently Asked Questions: Hooks
Alno Regency Universal Robe Hook

How high should I hang my hooks?

There is no correct height when hanging hooks, it all depends on what you are comfortable with. Most adults are comfortable with a reach range of up to 60” above the floor while children and people with disabilities are typically comfortable with a reach range of up to 48” above the floor.

How many hooks do I need?

Hooks are a simple way to reduce clutter around the house, whether you use them to hang towels, robes, coats or belts. First, take an inventory of things that you would hang on a hook and add up that number. Then purchase enough hooks to accommodate all of your items.

If you are purchasing multiple hooks, you may want to consider buying a set with multiple hooks attached to one base or a hook with multiple movable arms. This will simplify your installation because you will only need to install one item, but you will have the benefits of multiple hooks.

Where can I put a hook?

Hooks are small and versatile and come in a variety of finishes and styles so you can find hooks to match the décor in any room that may need them. With options ranging from modern to traditional, themed to classic, hooks can add style and functionality to your space. Placed by a front door, hooks can hold coats, umbrellas and hats. In a bathroom, they can hold robes or hair appliances. Hooks placed in a closet can hold scarves, belts and ties.

What is a center-to-center measurement?

Center-to-center measures the space between the screw holes if your hook has multiple screws. This is an important measurement to note if you are replacing an existing hook and do not want to create new holes, but has little impact on your decision to purchase a new hook.

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